Dr. Cooper continues his series Scriptures That Shape My Life. “Each message centers around a Bible passage that has made, and continues to make, a great impact on my life … Continued

Volume 2

Wednesdays resume with the Back to School Bash! Come out for dinner in the café, Dr. Cooper praying for our students, fun, games, an iPad giveaway and more…

Back To School Bash

“Flying Solo” and “I Believe” are available at the Media Window and as digital downloads. Click ‘learn more’ to preview and purchase. Proceeds will benefit the Prison ministry.

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“We press on to reach the goal for which God has called us heavenward in Christ Jesus” Philippians 3:14. Find out what you can do…

7x17 Campaign

Learn more about Dr. Cooper, his books, music, articles, interviews, band engagements and more!

Dr. David Cooper

Dr. Cooper’s latest book helps you identify the areas in your life where you’ve become stuck and then overcome the issues that are keeping you there…

Unfinished Business

Dr. Cooper’s 8-part series, “Scriptures That Shape My Life,” (volume one) is now available! It’s easier than ever to get your favorite music, books and messages at the MPC online … Continued

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Enjoy Dr. David Cooper’s latest inspirational message series and powerful worship with the Mount Paran Choir and Orchestra streamed every Sunday morning.

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