Unfinished Business

As a licensed counselor with a background in psychology, David C. Cooper brings a unique perspective and the richness of his experiences into his new book, Unfinished Business. It features stories of people who have struggled with and learned to overcome many common issues.

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Move beyond your past into the future God has for you. Jesus said, “I have come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” But, one of the things that can prevent you from living this abundant life today is yesterday’s unfinished business. As much as we may want to live in the present, the past often influences us in ways we don’t even realize.
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Dr. Cooper Interview #2
Many people talk about wanting something new in their lives. They want a new season. They want new relationships. They want new experiences. But often they’re not ready for the new because they have unfinished business with the past. In his new book, Unfinished Business, David C. Cooper helps readers identify and overcome the areas in life where they have become stuck.
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He addresses specific harmful attitudes and thought patterns such as:

  • Anger, resentment, hurt feelings, stereotypes, and prejudices
  • Failures, poor decisions, and mistakes
  • Perfectionism, poor self-image, and feelings of inadequacy
  • Disappointment and unfulfilled dreams
  • Worry, fear, and anxiety

You will never be ready for a new experience if you are dragging your old feelings around with you. It’s time to move forward and experience the life that God has waiting for you.

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